FIFA 19 demo version is available

FIFA 19 demo version is available

Are you ready to check out the newest FIFA 19 demo?

Electronic Arts has finally prepared football players for some preview of newest FIFA part. Despite the fact that it is only the demo version of an incredibly popular title it is full of content. Although  there is still some time to the premiere it is hard to keep hands to oneself...

What to expect?

Check out the refreshed first match mode and a little piece of Alex Hunter's journey ending. You will be able to check one of 10 UEFA Champions League teams. EA Sports has obtained the necessary licence to provide its players with one of the most important tournament.

Do not wait any longer!

Download the demo from Origin by clicking the FIFA 19 title. Check out the game and... come back for the preorder! GameVikings = 100% certainty that you will receive a code .

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